Massage for Children and Teens

Massage for children and teens can be very beneficial.  Massage can start right from when they are a baby and right through their growing years.  Children are starting competitive sports at a much younger age and will get different injuries that can be treated with massage and an exercise recovery program.  Many teens are carrying backpacks that are far too heavy and unfortunately they are on their phones for long periods of time as well,which is leading to poor posture and can manifest into neck strains and headaches.  I will often start the massage treatments for shorter time periods to allow the child or teen to get used to how massage works.  I feel that it is beneficial for people of all ages to look after themselves and be more body aware, if there is an issue that is left untreated, it will tend to make the treatment process even longer.

Contact me today if you have any questions regarding treatment for you or your children.