Massage for Children and Teens

Massage for children and teens can be very beneficial.  Massage can start right from when they are a baby and right through their growing years.  Children are starting competitive sports at a much younger age and will get different injuries that can be treated with massage and an exercise recovery program.  Many teens are carrying backpacks that are far too heavy and unfortunately they are on their phones for long periods of time as well,which is leading to poor posture and can manifest into neck strains and headaches.  I will often start the massage treatments for shorter time periods to allow the child or teen to get used to how massage works.  I feel that it is beneficial for people of all ages to look after themselves and be more body aware, if there is an issue that is left untreated, it will tend to make the treatment process even longer.

Contact me today if you have any questions regarding treatment for you or your children.

Get up and move from your desk

Woman having migraine headache. Stress and depression.Get up and move from your desk!

So many people are now sitting for longer periods of time with their jobs and it is causing a lot of long term physical issues.  Poor posture will often become one of the contributing factors and usually occurs because we are sitting so much longer.  People will have elbow and wrist issues, upper body pain and aches and many neck issues.  Clients will also crane forward looking at their computer screen which puts further strain on the neck which can lead to headaches.   It is important that employees get up and move around frequently and there are stretches and exercises that can also help counteract the long periods of being sedentary.

Feel free to ask me how massage can assist you with the pain and headaches and I will also be able to show you stretches, exercises and proper posture to ease your work day pain.

When to use Hot and when to use Cold

Man With Pain In Shoulder. Pain In The Human Body

I am often asked when a hot or cold application should be used for either injuries or other conditions. When an injury is acute or recent, such as 1-7 days, then cold should be applied to help reduce the swelling in muscle or joint areas. Cold should never be applied directly on bony areas or on compromised skin tissue. The cold pack can be applied for 15 minutes and then taken off for 30 minutes, to allow the body area to naturally reheat itself. Continue reading “When to use Hot and when to use Cold”