Get up and move from your desk

Woman having migraine headache. Stress and depression.Get up and move from your desk!

So many people are now sitting for longer periods of time with their jobs and it is causing a lot of long term physical issues.  Poor posture will often become one of the contributing factors and usually occurs because we are sitting so much longer.  People will have elbow and wrist issues, upper body pain and aches and many neck issues.  Clients will also crane forward looking at their computer screen which puts further strain on the neck which can lead to headaches.   It is important that employees get up and move around frequently and there are stretches and exercises that can also help counteract the long periods of being sedentary.

Feel free to ask me how massage can assist you with the pain and headaches and I will also be able to show you stretches, exercises and proper posture to ease your work day pain.