Woman having migraine headache. Stress and depression.
More and more clients are coming to me with stress related conditions. The one that has been revealing itself more often is Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) related symptoms, such as a painful jaw, headaches, a popping of the jaw, or even locking. These symptoms usually occur when the client has been either clenching the jaw or if they grind their teeth. Massage can help loosen the muscles to relieve some of the symptoms and I will demonstrate to clients how to do self-massage on the muscles as well. It is also important to remember to keep breathing, if you find yourself clenching take three deep breaths right away to change the clenching pattern. I also suggest to clients that they set an alarm if they are working on their computer and check to see if they are clenching and if so, time to take those deep breaths. Call for a massage today to break the stress!

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